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Turquoise Plate Code FB35


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  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Dimensions: 35*35*3 cm
  • Material: Turquoise and Copper


Turquoise and Copper Plate by Honarlux Code FB35

Turquoise Plate Code FB35 by Honarlux is a precious turquoise work with amazing details on every part of it. The material, which this plate is made of, is a combination of copper and turquoise. The tiny turquoise stones are delicately arranged and fixed all by hand, by masters of this artwork in Honarlux gallery, in Isfahan, Iran.

The diameter of the Turquoise Plate Code FB35 is 35 centimeters and the height of it is 3 cm. It also weighs 555 grams.

turquoise copper plate

Making turquoise dishes is a traditional handicraft that is very popular in Iran. Turquoise work or turquoise fixing is the art of putting small pieces of turquoise stones on dishes made of different metals, like mosaic pattern. Between these turquoise pieces, they put a dark-colored lacquer to keep them in place. The artistic value of turquoise dishes are higher If the turquoise stones have a more narrow space between them. Please consider to clean turquoise dishes with damp soft clothes rather than washing them with strong detergents.

turquoise plate by honarlux gallery


  • Dimensions: 35*35*3 cm
  • Weight: 555 grams
  • Color spectrum: Turquoise and copper
  • Material: Turquoise and copper
  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Other details: This product is handmade and includes an art certificate.

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Weight 0.555 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 3 cm
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