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Turquoise Candle Holder Model F025


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  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Dimensions: 5*5*24 cm
  • Material: Turquoise and Copper


Turquoise Candle Holder by Aghajani Model F025

The Turquoise Candle Holder by Aghajani Model F025 is the perfect item to place your candles on it especially if you want to place it on a table that is covered with a traditional Iranian handicraft tablecloth. This candle stick that has some amazing turquoise work details on it, is designed by professional masters of this art type in Isfahan, Iran.

The Turquoise Candle Holder Model F025 has dimensions of 5*5*24 centimeters and weighs about 300 grams. The base of this candle stick is made with pure copper metal and there is some turquoise work done on the outer surface. So the color of it is the combination of copper color and turquoise color.

Turquoise work or turquoise fixing is a technique of art which makes a layer of turquoise tiny-cut stones on the body of metal objects, creating beautiful precious decorative products. Turquoise work is a contemporary art of the recent century, but just like other Iranian arts, it has an old history.

handmade turquoise candle holder


  • Dimensions: 5*5*24 cm
  • Weight: 300 grams
  • Material of the outer part: Turquoise and copper
  • Material of the inner part: Copper
  • Product Owner: Master Aghajani
  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 24 cm
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