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Termeh Tablecloth Set Design Shah Abbasi


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  • Product type: Termeh tablecloth set
  • Produced in: Yazd, Iran
  • Includes: One tablecloth, two runners, and two table-toppers
  • Code: RED5


5 pieces Termeh tablecloth Set by Shokaran of Yazd, design Shah Abbasi code RED5

The 5-piece Terme tablecloth Set Design Shah Abbasi is one of the most beautiful tablecloth sets made of Termeh fabric by Shokaran gallery. This exquisite work has an underlay liner which means that it has good resistance against tearing. In this set, 5 beautiful colors have been used and it includes a tablecloth, a large runner, a medium runner, and two small table toppers. This tablecloth set can only be hand washed gently with cold water so that the texture will maintain the same.

The Terme tablecloth Set Design Shah Abbasi is featured with one medium size tablecloth which is square in shape and can be used on four-person tables. The second item is a runner which can be placed on dining tables of any shape. The third one is a smaller runner which is a great choice for coffee tables. And last items are two small table toppers, which can be used either on very small side tables or as a styling piece in the center of a large table.

termeh tablecloth shah abbasi design

Termeh or Persian cashmere is one of the most original, traditional, popular, beautiful, and luxurious Iranian decorative fabrics that give a special beauty to any space in which it is used. This beautiful art is also used for creating beautiful tablecloths and is very popular among Iranians and give a very classic and original style to home decoration and furniture. There are several cities in Iran which producing Termeh is popular in them, the most famous ones are Isfahan, Yazd, Tabriz, and Shiraz. Producing Termeh fabrics requires exemplary taste, art, and skill.


  • Product type: Termeh tablecloth set
  • Produced in: Yazd, Iran
  • Weight: 1100 grams
  • Underlay Lining: Yes
  • Washing: Handwash

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