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Termeh Tablecloth Set Design Gohar


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  • Product type: Termeh tablecloth Set
  • Produced in: Yazd, Iran
  • Includes: One tablecloth, two runners, and two table toppers
  • Code: SBZBI5-5


5 pieces Termeh tablecloth Set by Shokaran Gallery of Yazd, Design Gohar code SBZBI5-5

This 5 piece Termeh tablecloth set by Shokaran of Yazd is brought to you from the heart of termeh weaving city, which is Yazd in Iran. You can easily style a room by placing each piece of this set on furniture, giving a classic Persian look to your room.

This Termeh tablecloth Set by Shokaran of Yazd includes one square shape tablecloth, two runners in different sizes, and two table toppers. The size of the square tablecloth is 91*91 cm, the runners are 145*45 and 90*45, and the toppers are 45*25 cm. This tablecloth set is designed with 5 colors, but the main color used is cyan. Also, lining is featured under each one of these tablecloths.

termeh tablecloth by shokaran yazd

Termeh or the Persian cashmere, is a precious woven fabric made from very fine fibers, which is one of the exquisite textile handicrafts of Iran. Patterns such as paisleys and Shah Abbasi flowers in different colors are mostly used in Termeh designs.

Termeh is woven with a vast variety of designs in different parts of Iran, but Yazd city is the most famous for it. For weaving Termeh, high-quality silk and wool with long fibers are used. The yarns are dyed with natural plant dyes or synthetic materials. The colors used in this handicraft fabrics are mostly crimson, red, green, orange, and black. Some of the most popular patterns of Termeh fabrics are paisley, Shah Abbasi flowers, and deer antlers.

termeh persian cashmere tablecloth


  • Product type: Termeh tablecloth set
  • Produced in: Yazd, Iran
  • Dimensions: 0.5*91*91 cm
  • Color spectrum: 5 colors
  • Lining: Yes
  • Washing: Handwash


Detailed Dimension:

  • Square tablecloth: 91*91 cm
  • Large runner: 145*45 cm
  • Small runner: 90*45 cm
  • Table-toppers: 25*45 cm

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Dimensions 91 × 91 × 0.5 cm
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