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Termeh Tablecloth Set Design Chehel Sotoon


Item Specifics:

  • Shipment: Shipping of this item will approximately take 45 days
  • Product type: Termeh tablecloth Set
  • Produced in: Yazd, Iran
  • Includes: One tablecloth, two runners, and two table-toppers
  • Code: SRMH5-5


5 pieces Termeh tablecloth Set by Shokaran of Yazd, design Chehel Sotoon code SRMH5-5

With buying this 5 piece Termeh tablecloth Set Design Chehel Sotoon by Shokaran of Yazd, you will style all you tables with the same design.

This traditional and beautiful set includes a square tablecloth, two runners in two different sizes, and two small table-toppers. The dimensions of the 5-piece set of tablecloths are 140*45 cm for the large runner, 45*90 cm for the small runner, 45*26 cm for table-toppers, and 95*95 cm for the square tablecloth. The edges of this product are sewn using a decorative tape that prevents damage to the the fabric.

termeh runner and table toppers

It should be noted that as mentioned in the product specifications, the color spectrum of the Termeh tablecloth Set Design Chehel Sotoon is 5 colors. The value of Termeh fabrics are measured according to the variety of colors used in their texture as well as the density of yarn used in one unit. The more colorful the Termeh, the more valuable it is and therefore more expensive.

persian termeh tablecloth


  • Product type: Termeh tablecloth Set
  • Produced in: Yazd, Iran
  • Dimensions: 95*95*0.5 cm
  • Weight: 1100 grams
  • Color spectrum: 5 colors
  • Lining: Yes
  • Washing: Handwash

Detailed Dimensions:

  • Square tablecloth: 95*95 cm
  • Large runner: 140*45 cm
  • Small runner: 90*45 cm
  • Table toppers: 45*26 cm

Additional information

Weight 1100 kg
Dimensions 95 × 95 × 0.5 cm
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