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Starbag Laptop Backpack Model STB012

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  • Compatible with 15 inch laptops
  • Includes 5 internal pockets
  • Material: Polyester nanofibers
  • USB port: None
  • AUX port: None
  • Bottle pocket: Yes

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Starbag Laptop Backpack Model STB012

The Starbag Laptop Backpack Model STB012 is one of the Starbag bags that is especially designed to have high capacity and light weight at the same time. Starbag has designed and produced this backpack of nano polyester in dimensions of 50*16*40 centimeters. The use of polyester nanofibers has helped Starbag produce products with higher capacity and lower weight. This Starbag backpack has many internal pockets that can be used to put wallet, mobile phone, or other accessories, which helps you have easier access to your essentials. This Starbag backpack weighs about 800 grams and has a 15-inch laptop case on its back. This layer provides comprehensive protection with air cushions so that not even the slightest impact would reach to your laptop.

starbag stb012 navy blue laptop backpack

The Starbag Laptop Backpack Model STB012 is durable and made of polyester nanofibers. In general, the measurement of fibers used in the textile industry is in the micro range and for many years, the production of fine fibers with smaller diameter has always been considered by researchers until about 20 years ago, when the semi-industrial production of nano-diameter fibers began. This type of fabric is more durable and softer than the usual fabrics. Starbag has produced the STB012 model in black, navy blue and gray colors that can convince more people to buy this bag. Other features of this bag include a mesh bottle pocket, 5 internal pockets, a pen holder, and a laptop protector case and zipper in the same color as the body. Now you can order this backpack from the Ali City Australia online store.

starbag stb012 laptop backpack features


  • Compatible with 15 inch laptops
  • Includes 5 internal pockets
  • Dimensions: 500x160x400 mm
  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Material: Polyester nanofibers

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 16 × 40 cm

Black, Gray, Navy Blue

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