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Small Copper Coffee Pot


Item Specifics:

  • Shipment: Shipping of this item will approximately take 45 days
  • Produced in: Zanjan, Iran
  • Size: Single-serve
  • Material: Copper


Cezve Copper Turkish Coffee Pot Model Sor-small

This Copper Coffee Pot Model Sor-small is designed for making a single cup of Turkish coffee. The material used to make this Cezve coffee pot is pure copper and there is a handle included which is also made of copper.

The Copper Coffee Pot Model Sor-small is for the times when you want to make a nice cup of coffee just for yourself. It weighs about 100 grams and the diameter of its bottom part is 9 centimeters.

single serve coffee pot

Copper utensils have been suitable for cooking any food due to the tin coating on its inner surface, and according to many doctors, copper is the best metal to maintain the health and hygiene of food. Nowadays, the use of copper and copper utensils is common again and these traditional copper utensils can be very attractive and efficient for those who are interested in original and traditional Iranian arts. Copper utensils, with their beautiful color, can give a special style to your kitchen counter. This hammered coffee Cezve, which represents pure Iranian art, is produced and presented by artists of Zanjan.


  • Size: Single-serve
  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Produced in: Zanjan, Iran
  • Polished: Yes
  • Finishing type: Hammering
  • Color of inside: White
  • Color of outside: Copper
  • Handle: Yes
  • Number of Handles: One
  • Lid: None
  • Handle on the lid: None
  • Washable

Detailed dimensions:

  • Diameter of the opening part:  7 cm
  • Diameter of the bottom part: 9 cm
  • Height: 7 cm

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Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 7 cm
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