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Scrabble Junior Game

Item Specifics:

  • Two-level for younger and older children
  • Ages 5+


Scrabble Junior Game

Scrabble Junior Game is the ideal introduction for children to the world’s favorite game. You can choose from two levels to suit the age of the players. Young kids can start with “Words and Pictures”, and for the children aged seven and older the “Rainbow Scrabble” is intended.

Scrabble Board Game was invented by an unemployed architect named Alfred Butts in 1931. It was not popular until 1948 when they started to manufacture and sell this board game. As you may already know Scrabble is one of world’s best-selling games and once you start playing it you are captivated for life. Each one of the players should make as many words as they can out of 7 letters tiles which are drawn randomly. Then they should take turns to form crossword-style words across the playing board.

Scores are given for each letter values and get boosted by premium squares on the grid. Whoever earns the highest score at the end wins. Now children can enjoy the challenge of playing Scrabble Junior Game at their own level. This game makes exciting crossword fun with lots of word combinations. You can collect scores with clever combinations.

scrabble junior game


  • Colorful pictures help kids to turn the letters into words
  • Flip the board over for older children
  • Ages 5+

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1x Scrabble Junior

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