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Plant LED Clip Grow Light

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Feature: Hydroponics Systems equipment
Material: Plastic
Using: Greenhouse, Growbox, Grow Tent
Color: White
For: Flower, Plant, Vegetable Growing
Style: Modern LED
Quantity: 200pcs (166 red led, 34 blue led)
Wattage: 12 W Input
Voltage: AC85-265V
Room: Indoor
Base Type: E27
Type: Grow Light
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Size: Approx. 20×9.3×9.3cm


Plant 200 LED Full Spectrum LED Flexible Clip Grow Light 

Natural light can be sometimes hard to find in some homes. And also there might not be that extra space for everyone. Plant LED grow lights are a perfect way to help your plants and flowers flourish if you have lack of natural sunlight. Furthermore, many lights are large, bulky, or need to be suspended from a ceiling. Larger grow lights can be a better choice for a spacious area. But when you’re growing an indoor plant on a desk, bookshelf, or on your kitchen counter, a large grow light attached to your ceiling will definitely not work. That’s where the plant LED grow light comes in!

The Function of the Blue Light and Red Light influences the formation of chlorophyll and enables the plant to receive more energy. Plants that intake plenty of blue light grow with healthy, strong stems and leaves. Red light contributes to optimal development. it’s vital for a plant’s seed germination, root growth, and bulb development. It also makes the plant have better results when flowering.

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Color: White.

Material: Plastic.

Size: Approx. 20×9.3×9.3cm.

Made of high quality material for enduring use.

Clamp plan, helpful to utilize.

Provides the best light for your plants and flowers and cause them to grow better.

Suitable for plant industrial facilities, nurseries, bloom reproducing, indoor nurseries, and many more.

Ideal for the indoor plant seedlings developed at your home or your office.

Wonderful blessing for companions who love developing indoor plants.

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Package Includes:

1 x Plant Grow Light


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