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Kalamkari Tablecloth By Atrian Design 7


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  • Weight: 235 grams
  • Dimensions: 120cm diameter
  • Quality: premium
  • Material: cotton
  • Shape: Circle
  • Suitable for: Covering six-person tables


Circle Shape Premium Quality 120 Cm Kalamkari Tablecloth By Atrian Design 7

This circle kalamkari tablecloth by Atrian design 7 is about 120 cm in diameter. Due to the size of this tablecloth, it can be used to place on six-person round tables. According to your styling taste, the table can be either bigger than the tablecloth, or smaller if you prefer the edges to fall down from the table.

The colors used in this tablecloth are cyan and blue and it can be matched with other home furnishings.

Traditional Iranian handicrafts are full of beautiful and diverse colors, patterns, and paintings. So that by adding a little detail with these tablecloths you can design your living space in a different and classic way. The circle kalamkari tablecloth by Atrian is in the shape of a circle and is designed by Mr. Atrian one of the masters of this art field, in Isfahan Iran.

kalamkari tablecloth by atrian

Block-printing is one of the main handicrafts of Isfahan city. Block-printing, which is called “Kalamkari” in Persian, is one of the art products with a very ancient history.

The patterns of animals, arabesque, foliage, monuments of Isfahan, and miniature paintings are mainly used in kalamkari of Isfahan.

The Safavi dynasty is known as the flourishing period of kalamkari in Iran. During that time block-printed fabrics were so much popular that, only in Isfahan, four great bazaars were busy making this handicraft and sending their products to other cities all over the country. 

hand-print tablecloth by atrian


  • Weight: 235 grams
  • Quality: Premium
  • Material: Cotton
  • Shape: Circle
  • Suitable for: Covering six-person tables
  • Product owner: Atrian
  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Washing: Hand wash with soap and 30 degrees’ water
  • Ironable

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