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Inlaid Pipe Design Diba

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  • Product type: Handmade inlay
  • Produced in: Iran
  • Dimensions: 15*3*5 cm


Handmade Inlaid pipe Design Diba Code 10

This Inlaid Pipe Design Diba will be one of the best choices as a gift for anyone interested in handmade woodcrafts and smoking. This unique pipe with its amazing golden design is handmade in Iran. It can be either used as a pipe or a decorating item specially for those who love collecting inlay work handicrafts.

The Inlaid Pipe Design Diba is 10 grams in weight and the dimensions of it are 15*3*5 centimeters.

inlaid handmade pipe

Inlaid work is one of the top Persian arts of marquetry in Iran. The most famous city for inlay work, which is called “Khatam Kari” in Farsi, is Isfahan. There is no evidence where this handicraft was first created, but its principles are based on mosaic work which has a long history not only in Iran but also in so many countries all over the world. In this art, tiny pieces of wood, bone, and metal are prepared during a long process. They get aligned orderly side by side and then are cut into layers, forming geometrical shapes. Then those layers are attached to wooden backgrounds by wood paste.

handmade inlay work pipe


  • Product type: Handmade Inlay
  • Produced in: Iran
  • Dimensions: 15*3*5 cm
  • Weight: 10 grams
  • Product usage: Decorative, functional

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Dimensions 15 × 3 × 5 cm
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