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Inlaid Jewelry Box Model Vonon


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  • Product type: Handmade inlay
  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Dimensions: 10*5*13 cm


Handmade Inlaid Jewelry Box Design Illumination Model Vonon Code 11

The Inlaid Jewelry Box Model Vonon is a special box with standard dimensions. a very beautiful container for your precious and special little things. It can be a very appealing gift for anyone, especially those who are a fan of handicrafts.

This Inlaid Jewelry Box Model Vonon is made of inlay art and wooden material, and its lid is decorated with traditional and original Iranian gilding paintings and is from Saeed Ara Art Collection. It weighs about 220 grams and its dimension are 15*5*13 centimeters.

inlay work jewelry box

Marquetry or Inlay work is one of the magnificent Iranian arts, which require dexterity and artistic skills. It uses wood, ivory, or bone, in simple or complex shapes as designs. Excellent examples of inlay work can be found in palaces or historical mosques of Iran. Some of the amazing Iranian inlaid works are kept in museums. Most of the time images of flowers, birds, leaves, and animals are shown on inlay works created in Iran.


  • Product type: Handmade Inlay
  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Dimensions: 10*5*13 cm
  • Dimensions of inner part: 10*7 cm
  • Weight: 220 grams
  • Product Owner: Saeed Chaman Araian
  • Product usage: Decorative, functional

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Dimensions 13 × 10 × 5 cm
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