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Calico Coverlet By Atrian Model G268


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Weight: 800 grams

Dimensions: 160*240 cm

Quality: premium

Material: cotton

Shape: Rectangle

Suitable for: Covering any furniture


Rectangle Shape 160*240 cm Hand Printed Calico Coverlet By Atrian Model G268

The calico coverlet model G268 is one of the other designs of Mr. Atrian, which he is designing and producing in Isfahan, Iran. It is one of the classic accessories that should take a place in every Iranian’s home. However, because of the beautiful colors and the specific design, this coverlet will catch anyone’s attention who loves hand printed fabrics.

You can use the hand printed calico coverlet model G268 as a styling cover for any furniture like beds or tables.

The pattern on this calico coverlet is called “darham” in Iran, meaning “tangled”.

They call the design of this calico coverlet “tangled” because the pattern doesn’t follow an arranged order and shows motifs such as flowers or paisley’s tangled in one another. This design is one of the most popular patterns of Persian carpet which is used for thousands of years. However, on the edges of the fabric, you can see a repetitive pattern.

paisley pattern coverlet

As mentioned earlier, you can also see paisley in the pattern. Which is also another original Persian pattern in most of the handmade and hand printed fabrics.

Most of the time the use of coverlets is for decorating. And also giving a traditional and classic look to any home. Iranians use coverlets to cover any furniture like beds, tables, coffee tables, etc.


  • Weight: 800 grams
  • Quality: Premium
  • Material: Cotton
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Suitable for: Covering any furniture
  • Product owner: Atrian
  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Washing: hand wash with mild soaps and 30 degrees’ water
  • Ironable

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Dimensions 240 × 160 cm
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