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Copper Kettle And Teapot Set


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  • Produced in: Zanjan, Iran
  • Dimensions: 30*24*30 cm
  • Material: Copper


Copper Kettle And Teapot Set Code 84836

This Copper Kettle and Teapot Set is another wonderful product of Zanjan handicrafts, which has been produced with special delicacy. Using copper utensils and their benefits on human health is a fact that so many people already know. And fortunately, in recent years, the tendency to use copper utensils in Iranian kitchens has gained its special place again.

Drinking water or tea from Copper Kettle and Teapot Set or other copper utensils has a significant impact on health and the digestive system. The water which is boiled in a copper kettle contains copper ions, which greatly helps eliminate many types of germs, fungi, and molds. Drinking this water on an empty stomach in the early morning helps with better digestion. Other properties of copper utensils include regulating the body’s pH, slowing down the aging process of the skin, improving vascular problems, helping to lose weight, improving the function of the thyroid gland, and dozens of other important benefits.

copper kettle


  • Dimensions: 30*24*30 cm
  • Weight: 930 grams
  • Produced in: Zanjan, Iran
  • Polished: Yes
  • Finishing type: Hammering
  • Inside color: Silver
  • Exterior color: Copper
  • Handle: Yes
  • Number of handles: One
  • Lid: Yes
  • Washable
  • Other Details: High Quality. Use a metal polish cream to clean the product.

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Weight 0.93 kg
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 30 cm
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