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Charcoal Brass Samovar Model 368


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  • Produced in: Tabriz, Iran
  • Dimensions: 16.5*16.5*38.5 cm
  • Material: Brass

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Introducing Brass Samovar Model 368

The charcoal  brass samovar model 368 is the best option for brewing a delicious traditional tea. The samovar literally means spontaneous and is derived from the Russian word. As you know, this device has been one of the basic items of every Iranian house throughout history. Because tea is one of the most important beverages consumed in Iran. Therefore, the interest of Iranians in tea has become the reason for the great popularity of samovars in this country. This device has different types that are made with a body of different metals. Its brass material is very good by preparing tea with a wonderful taste. This model is also used as a decoration due to its beautiful metal body.


charcoal brass samovarRice is an alloy made from a combination of copper and zinc. Copper metal has long been used in the manufacture of cooking utensils. Because this precious mineral is so good at transmitting energy, it makes cooking much better and faster. Brass and copper samovars are also of high quality. Aside from energy transfer, the benefits of copper are well known. Usually the inside of copper and brass utensils is covered with a metal layer of tin. For this reason, when using brass utensils, do not use sharp tools such as metal spatulas to avoid scratches.

brass charcoal samovar

Specifications and features

The body of this product is made of brass and has a very beautiful design. The capacity of the Charcoal brass samovar model 368 is three liters. The dimensions of this product are 16.5 * 16.5 * 38.5 cm and it weighs 2244 grams. this samovar is produced in Tabriz, one of the cities of Iran. In fact, it can be said that this device is one of the beautiful handicrafts of this country. Now you can buy it online at a reasonable price from Alicity store.

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Weight 2.224 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 16.5 × 38.5 cm
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