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Calico Tablecloth made by Atrian model 23 size 100*100 cm



Quality Premium
Material Cotton
Shape Square
Suitable for: Double tables


Calico Tablecloths are one of the best and perfect Iranian arts that mixes the beauty and art.

The quality of this calico tablecloth is premium and perfect and made by the hands of master Atrian.

Every one loves art and everything that is created by art of human hands.

This Calico Tablecloth is art of master Atrian in Esfahan in Iran.

the very tiny size of this tablecloth make it suitable for double tables.

this square shape tablecloth has  a side about 1 meter and is covered by  beautiful patterns of paisley.

calico printing is an art that is grown during times among Iranians since Sassanids.

This art is a method of printing wonderful patterns and designs on fabric.

Today, calico tablecloths typically have arabesque patterns and made from cotton.

The color of these tablecloths are stabilized by pomegranate skin.


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