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Brass Vase Code 33


Item Specifics:

  • Dimensions: 12*12*20 cm
  • Weight: 750 grams
  • Produced in: India
  • Finishing: Enameled
  • Handle: None
  • Lid: None
  • Washable

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Enameled Indian Brass Vase Code 33

Brass pot are a popular craft all over the world. This Indian brass vase code 33 is another very beautiful model of this series. This model is one of the most beautiful and colorful pot made of rice. Some shapes and designs are painted in a professional style.

The colors used on it are red, orange, pink, green, blue and the main color is turquoise. This beautiful and traditional model is made of brass alloy in India. Strength and weight is one of the positive features of the product. In addition to shine, metal enamel on it has also given it a dazzling effect. This beautiful product can shine as a decorative device in your decoration and double the beauty of any room. This device is definitely a good option for gifts or souvenirs.


indian brass vase code 33

Specifications and features

Indian Brass Vase Code 33 is another Indian handicraft. The handicrafts of this country are one of the most famous souvenirs in the world. Its body is made of beautiful alloy brass with a shiny luster, which is created by combining two metals, copper and zinc. Ductility, strength and most importantly beautiful golden polish are the features of the metal used in this product. Brass metal has a high resistance to staining and turbidity. The dimensions of this vase are 12 * 12 * 20 cm and its weight is equivalent to 750 grams.

This model is washable and you can easily buy this product at a reasonable price from Ali City online store. Due to its unique properties, brass metal has a special and valuable place in the decoration and sculpture industry. This metal is also used in home decoration due to its golden color. Signs of this metal can also be seen in some musical instruments. So order this product with ease and enjoy it.

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 20 cm
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