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Arabesque Khatai Design Enamel Vase


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  • Technique used: Enamel painting
  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Dimensions: 5*5*16 cm
  • Material: Copper

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Arabesque And Khatai Design Enamel Vase Model Carafe

The Arabesque And Khatai Design Enamel Vase will make the best choice as a gift or souvenir for anyone interested in Iranian handicrafts. This beautiful vase is designed and hand painted by enamel paint technique, and the material of it is copper.

The Arabesque And Khatai Design Enamel Vase is designed and painted in Isfahan Iran, by Mr. Olfati, one of the masters of this art. It weighs 200 grams and the size is 5*5*16 centimeters.

decorative enamel vase

Enamelling is one of the original and national arts of Iran, which is born out of creativity and aesthetics. Painting is the most unique method in enameling, and because of the difficulty and the high cost of colors used in this method, few artists are able to do it. Using enamel accessories and handicrafts along with other works of art such as inlay, silver, copper, and pottery creates a homogeneous and unique combination. Enamel vase made by Saadi Gallery is one of the best works made by Isfahan masters and has been popular as gifts or souvenirs. Enamelling is one of the most difficult handicrafts which includes many stages of painting and baking.


  • Technique used: Enamel painting
  • Dimensions: 5*5*16 cm
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Material: Copper
  • Engraved Body: Yes
  • Product Owner: Master Olfati
  • Produced in: Isfahan, Iran
  • Product usage: Decorative, functional
  • Other Details: German glaze and paint, Full backed, Washable, Hand-painted

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 16 cm
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