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3-Tier Bronze Cake Stand Code 4534


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  • Produced in: Tehran, Iran
  • Dimensions: 25*25*37 cm
  • Material: Bronze


3 Tier Bronze Cake Stand Code 4534

This 3-Tier Bronze Cake Stand Code 4534 gives you three levels of platter to serve your cakes, desserts, fruits, nuts, or candies on it. Each platter is engraved which beautiful traditional shapes and designs. A twisted bar keeps those platters together which has a tree branch and a bird placed on top of it that can also be used as a handle.

The material used to make this 3-Tier Bronze Cake Stand Code 4534 is 80% bronze. The weight of this 3-Tier serving platter is 2394 grams, the height of it is 37 cm and the diameter of the largest platter is 25 cm.

3-tier bronze dessert stand

Bronze is an alloy of copper that can have widely different compositions. Generally, bronze is used in cases where a metal harder than copper is needed, strength and corrosion resistance are considered, or even just for decorative purposes. This 3-tier serving platter which is made with 80% bronze alloy is produced in Tehran, Iran. It is washable, the color of it will maintain the same over time, and has high resistance to corrosion.


  • Dimensions: 25*25*37 cm
  • Weight: 2394 grams
  • Produced in: Tehran, Iran
  • Material: 80% bronze
  • Lid: None
  • Washable
  • Not for cooking

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Weight 2.394 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 37 cm
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