Copper utensils of Iranian handicrafts

Copper Repousse,art that is still fascinating!

In this article, we want to introduce you to another popular and beautiful handicraft of Iran, namely the art of hammering and copper cutting.of course, its invention can not be attributed to a particular country. But the older the country, the older artifacts and utensils can be found.For Iranians, When its name is mentioned, the names of cities such as Zanjan, Qazvin and Isfahan also come to mind. The names of copper and these cities have been mixed for years.

The production of various utensils and copper utensils, which are considered as handicrafts of Zanjan and Isfahan today, has gained a lot of fans in recent years. These dishes have been one of the main kitchen tools since ancient times. These is utensils are one of the oldest furniture items in Iran. But gradually the situation changed and people preferred to use Teflon and cast iron dishes, and these dishes were almost out of competition. But in recent years, many articles have been published on the benefits of using it. Meanwhile, the producers of this category of handicrafts have also made many changes in their products.Different types of turquoise dishes can be seen in these works. these utensils are becoming more diverse and practical day by day. Their prices fell due to mass production. Now these dishes have found their old place again. They are seen in kitchens and are reminiscent of grandmothers’ houses!


tank Copper is found in pure form in nature. Its use does not require complicated and complex extraction steps. Due to the antiquity of the discovered vessels and tools, many archaeologists believe that was the first metal to be discovered and used by humans. They believe that humans became acquainted with metals through pottery and clay. Humans probably learned to melt metals when they heated pottery (in a kiln). Archaeologists have been using it for 10,000 years. The oldest these artifacts found in present-day Iraq are more than 8,000 years old. Of course, it took centuries for this metal to be used artistically and as handicrafts.

In Iran, the oldest copper utensils and objects have been discovered in the center and north of the country. This metal is easily formed and changes its shape with the slightest blow of a hammer. During the Seljuk period,cutting was given more attention. This art (industry) was more popular in Khorasan, Mosul and Isfahan. During the patriarchal period, due to the proximity of Soltanieh (the capital of this government) to Zanjan, this city was highly regarded by the king. During this period, a group of Chinese artists came to Iran. For this reason, dragon designs can also be seen on these vessels. Designs that are not indigenous but made by Iranian artists. During this period, metalworking and turning were done more than other cities in Zanjan. Currently, producers are active in Zanjan, Kerman, Qazvin, Isfahan and Khorasan. Meanwhile, large factories also mass-produce a variety of these utensils.

Copper decorations

Of course, due to the beauty of these dishes, beautiful these dishes produced by Iranian coppersmiths can be considered part of the interior decoration of the house. But there are certain benefits to using these dishes. There are some compelling reasons to say that these dish food is delicious. its distributes the temperature evenly on the bottom of the pan. Because of this, all foods receive the same heat and are cooked evenly. This metal is conductive and shortens the cooking time. It heats up quickly and makes food cook better. Of course, today delicate handicrafts are produced with it, such as spoons, cups, sugar, coffee makers, etc., which have more of a decorative aspect.

Copper decorative utensils

The problem with using copper is that it can oxidize quickly. For this reason, you must be very careful in cooking and washing them. Oxidation releases harmful organic and mineral substances to the body. If you pay attention to this point in cooking with these dishes, there is no problem in using them. For this purpose, the inner surface of these utensils is tinned to prevent it from oxidizing during cooking. You must be careful not to damage this protective layer.

turning In general, working with copper is easy. It softens and is flexible with rapid heating. For this reason, it is easily formed. All kinds of tools and handicrafts can be produced in any volume and size. Any design and pattern can be created on it. Therefore, the designs created on these dishes are very diverse. There are many mines in Iran and its extraction does not require much cost. All these factors have caused this art (industry) in Iran to always be considered by craftsmen.

how can it be recognized?

Maybe if  these were as scarce as gold, beautiful jewelry made from it would be popular! But due to its colorful appearance, in addition to making ordinary dishes, it is also used in making decorative decorative objects. In Iran, coppersmiths use very fine and special hammers to create very beautiful patterns on the surface of a layer. This field is known as cone art and as mentioned above, it is common in some historical cities of Iran. We recommend that if you travel to Iran, be sure to visit the market of metal manufacturers in Isfahan, Zanjan or Qazvin. To distinguish quality objects, pay attention to the following points Patterns created by the hammer should be regular The tin layer that covers the inside surface of the dishes should be glossy • Pay attention to design details • The sheet used must be thick • The manufacturer’s stamp must be engraved on the objects. You do not need to travel between continents today to find Messi handicrafts. Online operating systems offer this service to you and you can place your order on them. If you are interested in handicrafts and historical arts, in the following articles we will introduce other similar products to Iran. follow us.

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